Stage 1: Establishing the Core

  • Launch of the AI assistant and basic functionalities.

  • Implementation of text and voice interaction capabilities.

  • Initial deployment of multimedia processing tools.

Stage 2: Enhancing and Expanding

  • Refine AI algorithms to deepen interactions, with a strong emphasis on leveraging Bittensor’s unique capabilities.

  • Introduce advanced multimedia functionalities such as sophisticated image and video editing through Bittensor's processing power.

  • Broaden API access for developers, providing an enriched set of tools and resources powered by Bittensor.

Stage 3: Deep Integration

  • Enhance integration with additional Bittensor subnets, unlocking new dimensions of AI capabilities.

  • Foster a community-driven development approach, incorporating user feedback directly into the evolution of Bittensor-powered features.

  • Create additional ways to distribute Bittensor Network whether through new applications or B2B outlets.

Stage 4: Leading the Revolution

  • Fully embrace the DePIN framework across the Bittensor network, ensuring peak privacy and security.

  • Kickstart global initiatives aimed at democratizing access to AI, powered by Bittensor’s decentralized network.

  • Pioneer AI-driven solutions targeting complex global issues, utilizing the collective power and intelligence of the Bittensor ecosystem.

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