Voice Interactions

Once you select the Voice option in LinkTensor Bot, you’ll enter a realm where audio and AI intertwine, providing you with a range of voice-based functionalities.

Here's what each feature offers:

  • Voice Chat: Engage in dynamic conversations with our AI, experiencing the ease of voice communication.

  • Voice Web Search: Let our AI help you surf the web through voice commands, fetching information efficiently.

  • Transcribe Audio: Effortlessly turn your spoken words into written text, perfect for keeping records or making written content accessible.

  • Voiceover: Create an audio version of any text, ideal for auditory content delivery.

  • Summarize Audio: Get the gist of audio files quickly with our summarization tool, saving time without missing out on key information.

To explore these voice interaction capabilities and more, visit the LinkTensor Bot on Telegram and start experiencing the convenience and innovation of our AI-powered features.

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